Smash Marbles Arena

Smash Marbles Arena Official
Smash Marbles Arena (SMA) is a NFT collection, a participation ticket to our interactive championship and, most importantly, a play-and-earn (P&E) Multigame Platform built on the blockchain. We create a platform where every gamer finds his favorite games, beginning with a fighting, then a racing and then a luck-based game.
Smash Marbles Arena is a P&E Multigames Platform with games for everyone’s taste.
Two collections packed with utility for an ecosystem with Inhouse P&E Games, from external Game devs and other NFT Game Projects. Win-Win for everybody involved.
SMA, lets you compile high scores and rankings on your own player page. A platform with exciting skill based Gaming experiences and most essentially a profitable reward system.
Entertainment and fun during the bear market:
Until the launch of the Platform we hold Tournaments for holders. This is our DEGEN way!
We start by hosting the biggest online Rock-Paper-Scissors Championship of all time with a Prize Pool of 100 ETH!!!
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