Smash Marbles Arena

Why should I own an Arena?

- Smash Arenas give you the privilege to host battles and to earn more in-game currency once the P2E starts. Smash Arena owners also get a Smash Marble for free.

What is the advantage of having a Smash Marble NFT?

- Firstly, the participation in the Smash Marbles Championship with a big prize pool. Secondly, having an avatar for playing in Smash Marbles Arena with daily airdrops of our in-game cryptocurrency, once the arena becomes accessible. Thirdly of course its market value.

When will Smash Marbles Arena release?

- Q4 2022 is when the arena becomes accessible. Testphase begins and in Q4 2022 the first game, Dash, will be launched officially.

How to get early access to tests and alpha?

- Early community members that are engaged and active on our Discord will be the chosen ones.

On which platform will SMA release?

- Available on Android, iOs and PC

Is it pay to win or play to earn?

- Rarer avatars will be having slight advantages, but our game mechanics allow skill to be the primary deciding factor for winning. Also various other ways exist to turn the tables in a battle around, like the random drops midgame: extra health, super speed, power boost, extra shield, invincible and explosive aura.

Has the community a say in game concerning decisions?

- Yes. Every Smash Marble holder can (and has to) participate by voting via our Discord channel when the SMA Team stands before new decisions to develop the games further.

When will your cryptocurrency be implemented?

- We do our best to implement our Currency in Q4 2022.

Where can I get updates on SMA?

- The best way is to join our Discord. There will be all kinds of information regarding SMA.

Skill or Stats?

- Skills primarily, because every player gets opponents of the same level.

Do I have to buy a Smash Marble in-game to play?

- SMA is also Free2Play. You get a free Beginner Marble and need a lot of time, effort and skill to grind it up to become a Smash Marble.

Is the amount of marbles, weapons and gears limited?

- We need a some period of time to analyze the in-game user data, then we could decide to limit marbles, weapons and gear.

How can I level up?

- Fusing with a marble of the same level lets you level up.

How can I upgrade my weapon ?

- Forging allows a weapon to upgrade. Materials needed are fragments and a weapon of the same category and the same level.

Do weapons and other traits from the NFT Collection transfer to the Game?

- Yes, if your NFT collectible has a sword and a helmet, your marble in-game will already be equipped with these.

What type of weaponry is there?

- There are three categories of weapons: long range, midrange and melee. In addition weapons can differentiate from each other like explosives, sniper etc.

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