The Collection

Smash Marbles are a unique and handpicked NFT collection with over 300 different traits, including weaponry, headwear, clothes, and more. Smash Marbles designates the gathering of the funniest, craziest and most dangerous marbles from every corner of the world. The shiny little orbs come in all kinds of different designs and styles to compete in a great championship, battle each other in arenas and explore the marbleverse further down the adventurous road. In search of a suitable master, every Smash Marble is prepared to prevail and emerge as the victor of the upcoming competitions.

In SMA every Smash Marble NFT becomes a 1:1 playable avatar to enter the Arena in the Marbleverse. Different upgrading methods increase performance, combat abilities and tradability along the way.

The Arena NFT collection enables holders to own a part of the ecosystem. This way personalized Arenas can be used to host tournaments for communities or brands, collecting entrance fees passively or actively.

Every Smash Marble NFT grants its owner one ticket to participate in the Smash Marble Championship. So hold on tight to your NFT marble for the chance to win big time! After entering the arena, marble holders also benefit from daily airdrops.

SMA brings: PfP, P&E, Utility & Degen stuff.

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