FYI: Smash Marbles Championship and Smash Marbles Arena are to be viewed as separate games.

Smash Marbles Arena is a play-and-earn NFT multigame Platform, starting with 3 different 3D Game modes - one game mode for every mood. The first high quality P2E Minigames Platform for every gamer's taste. Play games and compile high scores, and rankings on your own player page and receive awards for playing games.

Play with your NFT collectibles while earning in-game currency and other rewards. Fight it out in DASH till there's no competition left, go to PARKOUR to prove your dexterity skills or to RACE while sitting back relaxing and letting luck decide who wins big.

An amazing experience is guaranteed with a wide variety of games, monthly special events and updates, where the community gets the last word in.

SMA is part of the eSports genre through skill-based and competitive gameplay. Each marble and weapon is an NFT through which ownership and tradability are increased. Get to the top of the food chain through upgrading, leveling up or even trading your Smash Marbles, weapons, gear and utility items.

Smash Marbles are the first NFT Collection from Smash Marbles Arena and will be unique avatars for later use in the Arena Games.

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