Smash Marbles Championship

Who can participate in the Championship?

- Everyone with one or more Smash Marble NFT/s with still valid tickets can participate in the championship.

What are Smash Marble NFTs?

- Smash Marble NFTs are a collection, a participation Ticket to the biggest rock paper scissors championship of all time and avatars for a P2E, 3D Game. Smash Marbles are NFTs of the very first NFT Collection to Smash Marbles Arena (P2E NFT Game released in Q4 2022). Smash Marbles will be your 1/1 avatars in-game, including weapons and gears.

Is Smash Marbles based on the Blockchain? -

The Smash Marble NFTs are implemented using ERC-721 standard and are deployed on the Ethereum mainnet, we chose this standard because all our Smash Marbles will be unique tokens with unique combinations of traits.

How can I get whitelisted?

- Join our Discord. We'll update on this matter in due time.

When will the Championship start?

- The countdown on our website indicates the official beginning of the Championship.

How do I get my prize?

- Your scoreboard determines if you are one of the 20 winners. If you are, then through your connected wallet you receive your prize money in Usdc one day after the championship ends. Or: We will contact you via email and once we receive your Usdc receiving address we transfer your prize directly.

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