Vision and Mission

The project came to mind since we are convinced that in the short run, the best applications of NFTs are in gaming. So we were set in the first part, built around that and took most of our inspiration from our childhood, a time when we played a lot of Marblegames with the neighborhood kids. Marbles are part of our best memories. Nowadays they are outdated and we’ll change this with our project.

We love the strong community building aspect of the NFT space, so we knew we wanted to build more than just a game but enable people to connect. So our Multi Game platform came to mind, this was reinforced by the memory of minigame websites from the early 2000’s that we spent a bunch of time on. You log in, choose either a fighting, racing or other games and just start playing. We will of course develop and put the idea to the limit, but this is basically the first inception. Creating a hub for gamers, game devs and other NFT gaming projects. An ecosystem that everyone that's involved, will benefit from.

Smash Marbles were created with the desire to mix and match an exclusive NFT collection with the primal objective to compete, while creating a skill-based gaming experience. Loving the challenge, we decided to do our best to leave a mark in NFT-gaming history with the best high-quality 3D, play-and-earn games to date. Building the first high quality P&E Multiigames Platform for every gamers taste.

The three game modes which will be available from the start are just the beginning. We aim to become a platform that will cater to every popular gaming niche, so that you can play with your friends, with something for every taste. Dynamic and fast-paced gameplay indiscriminately accessible to everybody.

To get people excited, we decided to kick off our project with The Smash Marble Championship (Rock-Paper-Scissors Tournament), with the goal of giving back to the community and show people that the NFT space is a place where life-changing moments can happen to anyone at any time. A community that’s interactive and ready to go mainstream. We want to reward pioneers that support projects early on with a huge prize pool.

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