How to Play

When entering the Championship, players will be randomly put against each other. In an online face off the Players make their moves by choosing and validating Rock, Paper or Scissors.

  • The result of the round is shown and the next round resumes. The face off ends once a party wins three rounds.

  • Every round won in the game grants you a Smash Point. So the maximum amount of Smash Points a player gets if he wins is 3 per game. If a player loses the game, he can, however get up to 2 Smash Points.

  • If a player doesn’t immediately get an adversary in the game to play right away, he can begin the match by preemptively making the first move. This is saved, and another player will later on be placed against him. Once the second player is placed in this same match, this second player will be able to make his move and the game continues.

  • If after 8 hours there is still no second player in a match,, the player that started the game will get his ticket back to start another match against another player.

  • After every move, the other party has a time window of 8 hours to make their move. Players will be notified via email once the opponent makes his move in the ongoing match.

  • If a player quits mid game or the 8 hours pass without a reply move, the concerned player loses the match and his ticket becomes invalid.

  • So don’t forget, when in a match, keep an eye on the clock and make your moves within the time window.

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