The Championship

FYI: Smash Marbles Championship and Smash Marbles Arena are to be viewed as separate games.

As a special event to celebrate the start of the Smash Marbles Arena project, the Smash Marbles Championship will be held!

To access history's biggest online Rock Paper Scissors Championship, Smash Marble holders will need to be signed into their Smash Marbles Arena account and connect their wallet.

- Competitive and merciless -

The Smash Marbles Championship lets every marble holder enter the competition to eventually become one of 20 Smash Marble Champions.

Smash Marbles don't just hold value in art, rarity and the access to the arena later on, but also in the ticket they generate for their holders to participate in this first-of-its-kind championship.

Be part of the highest prize winning Rock Paper Scissors Championship of all time. The goal is to get as many Smash Points as possible.

Only hardcore mode: 1 Smash Marble NFT = 1 ticket = 1 BIG chance

Be aware, the ticket granted from your NFT is only valid until you lose a game - even just once. Each Smash Marble NFT gives you one chance. That means that as long as a Smash Marble holder wins and keeps on winning, accumulating Smash Points is possible. After the first loss, the ticket that the marble granted becomes invalid and the player has to continue playing with a valid ticket of another Smash Marble NFT. Otherwise the game stops there and the player can’t compete anymore. The accumulated points will be saved on the scoreboard until the end of the Championship. Players will be ranked for the final count.

Hint: More marbles = more valid tickets = higher chance at scoring higher. The Smash Points each marble accumulates will be added to the scoreboard.

To prevent disproportionate advantages, the maximum amount of Smash Marbles to purchase from public mint per account will be 10. Once the NFTs are sold out, the Rock-Paper-Scissors Championship will be launched automatically. In case, that the OGs (Arena Holders) want to launch the Championship before the Smash Marbles Mint ends, a vote will be held. This vote can only be started after +50% have been minted and the Prizepool will be equivalent to the minted percentage (e.g.: 62% minted = 62 ETH Prizepool).

After one of the scenarios is met, online 1v1 is then accessible and the competition commences officially.

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