Rock Paper Scissors - 1v1

Entry: one Smash Marble NFT with “valid” ticket.

The Smash Marble Championship will be held on the official website

If a match is won, the player can then access another match and continue ranking up through the Smash Points accumulating on his scoreboard.

If a match is lost, the Smash Marble NFT will no longer give further access to participation in the Championship, since it will no longer have a valid ticket for game access. (For this championship at least.) This will also be seen in the data of the NFT. When the championship ends, this attribute will be removed to prevent value loss as a collectible.

The NFT keeps its value from rarity features and avatar transfer to later 3D, play-to-earn games. Of course it also remains eligible for later daily airdrops.

The 1v1 championship matches play out until one side wins three rounds. If the match ends in a tie after 15 rounds, both players keep their ‘valid’ ticket but will get no Smash Points from the rounds played.

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